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Are you looking for a good dentist in Anoka, MN for general dental needs, tooth implants, or wisdom tooth extractions? If so, then you have come to the right place at Twin Cities Dental. Our dentists have an extensive amount of experience in handling all types of dental procedures, and our level of patient care is second to none in New Brighton and the surrounding areas. Whether you need a 6 month checkup, cleanings, wisdom tooth extractions, or a tooth implant if you have lost a tooth for one reason or another, we offer care in a friendly atmosphere that will make you feel at ease. Read the following for information on what tooth extractions or implants will entail:

Tooth Extractions

If one or more of your teeth are too far gone to be repaired, then extractions may be necessary. This is often the case if severe chips, fractures, and decay is present. This is especially the case if your jaw or gums are damaged, because there will be no foundation for the tooth to be repaired. Bad teeth can lead to serious health problems, so time is of the essence if extractions are needed. The process is relatively easy. Simply schedule an appointment to be evaluated by our dentistry team. If they conclude that extractions are necessary, then they will numb the affected tooth. They will then extract it. The process can usually be completed in an hour or less, and you should recover quickly.

Tooth Implants

Teeth can be lost in many ways. Trauma, gum infections, and medical conditions often contribute to this, and it is vital that you get the problem taken care of quickly. If you have a missing tooth, then implants are a great long-term option that will restore your smile. Once the dentist has determined that implants would be a viable treatment option, they will then schedule you an appointment to have the implants inserted. The implant will act as the root of the tooth. A crown with a peg on the end will then be firmly attached by screwing it into the implant. Contact us today to learn more.