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Do You Need General Dentistry Services?

Dentistry, the field of medicine that focuses on oral health and teeth, might seem like a fairly narrow field of expertise. The reality of the mouth, like so many components of our bodies, is that it is a complex, interwoven environment where any number of things can go wrong. Your dental pulp can get an infection, requiring a root canal surgery, or you can chip or break teeth, which might necessitate the insertion of a dental implant. Your gums and cheeks can get ulcers and your tongue can develop fissures and other health issues. At Twin Cities Dental, we encourage our patients to take care of their oral health by brushing and flossing regularly, and by making sure they regularly come into our center for general dentistry services.

General Dentistry
With so many specific sub-disciplines of dentistry, it can sometimes get confusing for lay people who just want to know how their mouths are doing at their regular dental checkups. When you come in to Twin Cities Dental, lie back in the chair and open your mouth for inspection, you’re receiving a general dental service where we take stock of your oral health and see what we can do to improve things in there. It’s more than likely that you don’t need specific dental services, invasive surgery or anything too drastic. You probably only need a good cleaning and checkup twice a year to ensure that your teeth stay healthy and strong. We diagnose impending issues and help you take the preventative measures necessary to halt tooth decay and cavity development in their tracks. These are all part and parcel of our general dentistry services.

Preventative Measures
One of the key components of our general dentistry services is taking preventative action to ensure that your oral health stays in top shape. Surgery and other reactive means of repairing your health are always a last resort at Twin Cities Dental. It’s critical that you brush regularly and properly – in small circles, with a soft toothbrush and on all exposed surfaces of your teeth – in addition to flossing. Flossing is critical in the maintenance of your oral health, as it removes all the food particles that get caught between your teeth and leak acid into your enamel, weakening the teeth until they break or develop painful cavities. Things like eating junk food, drinking alcohol and even enjoying your morning coffee can be perilous to your teeth, so it’s important that you work with your dentist to prevent decay and damage from occurring. In addition to this, when we’re checking you out at your regular checkup, we will always inform you as to what you can do to keep your teeth healthy and strong.

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