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Need a Wisdom Tooth Extraction? We Can Make it Painless

Most people feel a little queasy about the prospect of seeing the dentist, especially if they need to have a wisdom tooth extraction. However, this kind of extraction is necessary if a patient does not want to experience crowding of the teeth in the mouth or bite problems. Usually, the removal is scheduled when an adult is in his or her early twenties.

What if the Tooth Has Not Yet Erupted?

We, at Twin Cities Dental, answer a good deal of questions about the extraction process. Some patients wonder how the wisdom tooth extraction can take place if the tooth has yet to break through the gum. Up to 80% of our young patients have at least one back molar that has not broken through all the way. Usually, the tooth is located in the lower jaw. If the tooth has not erupted, it is because there simply is not enough room for it to do so. As a result, other teeth have probably gotten in the way of the wisdom tooth.

How the Wisdom Teeth Can Affect the Surrounding Teeth

Indeed, we know here at Twin Cities Dental that a wisdom tooth that is not extracted can result in a number of dental issues, including inflamed gums, tooth decay and irregular growth and crowding. In order to make the decision of extraction easier, we ask patients some basic questions. For instance, our professionals here at Twin Cities Dental ask patients if the teeth are causing injury or pain to the neighboring teeth. If not, there is still a good risk that this could happen.

We also make patients aware of some of the other risks that are involved with tooth and jaw development if a patient foregoes a wisdom tooth extraction. For instance, wisdom teeth that remain in the jaw can hamper the healthy development of the other teeth and can also interfere with jaw-related or dental procedures.

Some patients, who already have crooked incisors or a jawbone that is small sometimes fear their teeth may begin pushing one another to the side even more when the wisdom teeth finally erupt. However, this does not necessarily happen. Nevertheless, the other aforementioned events certainly can occur if the teeth are not removed.

When getting the teeth extracted, the procedure can affect the surrounding blood vessels and nerves. In some cases, temporary numbness of the tongue or bleeding can occur. However, we, at Twin Cities Dental, make sure that the patient is comfortable at all times and provide anesthetics that lessen the stress and pain of having the teeth removed. We do everything we can to make sure infection is averted and the patient will not experience any unnecessary pain. Pain medicines and antibiotics are prescribed after the procedure to ensure the patient’s overall comfort and recuperation.

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