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Are you looking for a reputable dentist in St. Paul, MN that you can feel comfortable with and trust? Everyone wants a beautiful and healthy smile, because a smile will instantly convey their level of self-confidence, vitality, and personality. If you want to repair your teeth to perfect your smile and to enjoy the lasting benefits of a healthy smile, then our professional and caring team at Twin Cities Dental can turn your vision into a reality. Our professional practice in St. Paul specializes in preventative, family, restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures that you can trust. From fillings and regular cleanings, to crowns, veneers, and emergency dental services, we offer every type of treatment you will need to maintain good oral health.

Whether you want quality sedation dentistry options reduce stress that is associated with dental treatments, dental implants, or a cosmetic dentist that has an extensive amount of experience in giving smile makeovers, we can meet your needs. The first step to perfecting your smile is to schedule an initial consultation appointment. Many things will be discussed at this appointment, and a treatment plan will be established on your behalf. Browse our website for further information.

What to Expect At Your Initial Consultation Appointment

  • A Complete Examination and X-Rays
  • Information about Payment Arrangements and Financing Options
  • Oral Hygiene Instructions Prescribed by Our Dentist
  • A Comprehensive Cleaning by a Licensed Dental Hygienist
  • An Evaluation of Your Overall Oral Health
  • A Complete Treatment Plan That Will be established by you and Our Dentist
  • An Evaluation of Your Current and Past Medical and Dental Histories
  • You Will Receive Information on Our Polices at Twin Cities Dental

Contact us today to schedule an initial appointment. You will be in safe hands when you choose Twin Cities Dental.