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It is important that your family’s teeth are properly taken care of, so knowing when to get emergency dental care is important. Immediate treatment may be needed for certain oral injuries, while others are not as urgent and can wait. You do not want to make an unnecessary trip to the nearest emergency room for a reason that could have waited for your dentist’s normal office hours.

Broken, cracked or a knocked out tooth are common types of dental injuries. These can happen due to many different reasons, including falling, biting on a piece of hard food, sports-related and there are many mores types of accidents. The location of the tooth and severity of the issue will determine if emergency dental care is necessary. If a large portion of the tooth is missing or there is nerve damage then seeking medical attention quickly is a good idea.

If you are dealing with a lot of pain, possibly from an abscess, call your dentist’s office. Often slots are left open for emergency issues. If it is after hours, call anyway. There may be instructions on an emergency contact number. If neither of these options works then going to the emergency room is the best thing to do. You can be seen by staff and they can let you know if the injury can wait for regular hours at your dentist’s office and staff can also provide pain medicine, which will help in the meantime with the pain.

A chipped tooth is considered an emergency to some people as well, since it has an effect on a person’s appearance. Though there is no reason for concern and this does not threaten a person’s well-being or health in any way, for aesthetic reasons alone quick action is desired quite often. There is no reason at all to seek emergency dental care solely for an issue that is cosmetic.

Dental care with affordable options, knowledgeable staff and convenient options is important. Visits to the dentist are already seen as stressful and people have preconceived notions that their visit will be painful. We want to make your visit a stress free and friendly experience. Visit our website at Twincitiesdental.com and make an appointment today.