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The Advantages and Uses for Tooth Implants

Tooth implants, also referred to as dental implants, are replacement for the roots of the tooth. Dental implants provide a sturdy foundation for removable or permanent teeth. Removable and permanent teeth are designed to match a patient’s natural teeth.

What are the Benefits of Tooth Implants?

There are many different advantages of dental implants, which is why we use them there at Twin Cities Dental.

Remarkable Appearance: Patients who have dental implants have high self-esteem and high self-worth. Our patients feel refreshed and energetic when they receive dental implants.

Improved Comfort: Implants are not uncomfortable like dentures. Implants do not slide and move around in the patient’s mouth while they are eating and talking because the implants are a part of the patient’s mouth. Our patients can enjoy their favorite foods, such as steak, chicken, and other meats they could not eat with dentures.

Ease of Eating: Everyone has their favorite foods they love to consume. Here at Twin Cities Dental, we want all of our patients to enjoy eating whatever they would like. Many of our patients switch from removable dentures to tooth implants because of how easy it is to consume their favorite foods.

Durability: Dental implants will last many years if they are cared for properly. Dental implants are extremely durable.

Improvement with Oral Health: Dental implants are not like other dental procedures. Our implants do not require us to file down other teeth because our state-of-the-art technology allows us to give our patients implants without disturbing teeth that are nearby.

Improved Speech: Our tooth implants improve our patient’s speech. We take pride in making our customers feel great about themselves. Poor fitting dentures are a thing of the past. Our dental implants allow our patients to pronounce their words and speak without slurring their words or mumbling.

Types of Dental Implants

Here at Twin Cities Dental, we offer two types of tooth implants: endosteal and subperiosteal.

Endosteal: Our endosteal implants are placed within the patient’s jawbone. Most of our patients here at Twin Cities Dental prefer endosteal implants. These implants resemble cylindrical screws.

Subperiosteal: Our subperiosteal implants are placed on the jawbone or above it. We place these implants under the gum and not in the jawbone.

Why Do People Need Dental Implants?

It is a fact that people do not need teeth to live, but we want our patients to enjoy life and all of the foods they love. People need dental implants for many reasons, including reconstruction, appearance, ability to eat, and ability to speak. Many of our patients here at Twin Cities Dental want to look and feel their best, and we make sure we give them what they need to achieve this goal.

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