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The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Here at Twin Cities Dental we care about out patient’s comfort and overall well-being. This is one primary reason we offer sedation dentistry. We understand many people have a fear of going to the dentist that is referred to as odontophobia, and we are here to give them peace of mind and ease their fears about the dentist.

What are the Causes of Dental Phobia?

Approximately 12% of Americans suffer from dental phobia or dental anxiety. There are five reasons people suffer from dental phobias and experience anxiety prior to a dental visit.

1. Embarrassment

Many people are embarrassed about the appearance of their teeth and may feel uncomfortable with how close dentists have to be to inspect their teeth and gums. Another cause for embarrassment is mouth odors.

2. Fear of Pain

One of the most common reasons people have a fear of the dentist is due to the fear of pain. Fear of pain at the dentist can stem from many things, such as terrifying dentist stories and unpleasant dental experiences in the past.

3. Fear of Failed Injections

Some people fear the anesthesia will subside before the procedure is completed. Other reasons people fear injections is because they are afraid of needles and mistakes being made.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a method of dentistry that is used to put patients in a relaxed state of mind so they are comfortable and relaxed during the procedure. Sedation dentistry helps us finish our procedures in a timely manner so our patients can relax in the comfort of their home once the procedure is complete.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Relaxation: Relaxation is one of the most beneficial advantages of this type of dentistry. Our patients can relax while the procedure is being performed.

Comfort: We at Twin Cities Dental understand that comfort is a major concern for many of our patients. Here at our office, the comfort of our patients is a priority.

Movement Control: Frequent movement is one issue we face here at Twin Cities Dental with many of our patients. Some patients are terrified and can’t control their movements. We understand and are here to help. Sedation helps our patients remain calm while their movements are minimized to ensure high-quality service and 100 percent success with the procedure.

Control of Gag Reflex

When our patients are afraid, gag reflex can become an issue and make the dental procedure more difficult to successfully complete.

Patient Cooperation

Patient cooperation is another factor we focus on here at Twin Cities Dental. Sometimes we have to perform procedures on children who are uneasy, confused, and terrified. Sedation helps our staff perform procedures in a safe and calm environment and in a timely manner.

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