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The Teeth Whitening Process

Everyone wants white teeth. When anybody flashes a smile of bright white teeth, bring out a feeling of happiness and warmth. Brown teeth are frowned upon and are sometimes seen as a sign of unhealthy teeth. Stained teeth are mainly caused by the repeated use of tobacco, dark colored drinks and poor dental hygiene practices. Teeth whitening have always been one of the most popular procedures in the dental hygiene field.


The first step involves taking pictures of the teeth by your dentist, so as to study and monitor the situation of the teeth. It also helps identify the cause of the stains and ultimately determine the most suitable technique for whitening them. This is because different stains have different methods of removal, depending on the nature or cause of stain.

The second step involves cleaning of the teeth. This is the thorough washing of teeth to remove all dirt and bacteria. This helps eliminate some of the stuff that may be contributing to the stains.

The third step involves the main teeth whitening step. Here, the application of the whitening gel takes place. First the dentist applies a protective substance around the gums to prevent reaction with the gel. After this, the whitening gel is applied on the teeth surface and left to stay on for 30-90 minutes at most.

Some gels may require the use of a laser light for activation, so the patient should not be too surprised by this. In any case, the dentist will explain the procedure before they begin. Depending on the level of discoloration, the dentist may advise on continuing with the process of bleaching for a month or even longer. One may also need to make up to three further visits, depending on the severity of the teeth stains and how bright you want your teeth to be after the whole procedure.

It is important to note that teeth whitening can be done both from the dentist office and from home. For the home procedures the dentist makes custom mouthpieces that one wears for some days in order to get desired results.

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