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Who Benefits From The Wisdom Tooth Extraction Process

Wisdom teeth are those teeth that erupt into the back of your mouth anywhere between age 17 and 21. While many now questioned the wisdom of wisdom tooth extraction, the process, carried out by knowledgeable dentists is supported in many instances. While not the best option in all cases, experienced dentists clearly understand when it is best to remove them and when to leave them alone.

When Extracting Wisdom Teeth Is Essential

Our dentists will talk to you about all your dental options, including the removal of your wisdom teeth. Expert opinion realizes the need to extract these molars if the following apply:

  • The wisdom teeth cannot only partially break through the surface of the gum
  • They cannot break out of the bone and remained entombed
  • There is insufficient room for them to grow in straight
  • X-rays indicate they are going to come in crooked, sideways or in some other misshapen manner

We refer to any tooth unable, because of tissue, bone or any other tooth, to appear in its normal position in the jaw, as being “impacted.” Of all the teeth, the wisdom teeth are those that suffer the most from this condition.

The Wisdom Tooth Extraction Process

The process of extracting wisdom teeth usually involves administering anesthetic. The type we use will depend upon the perceived difficulty of the tooth removal. It could be

  • Local
  • Sedation
  • General

During the wisdom tooth extraction process, your dentist will make sure you are comfortable. He or she will then proceed to make an incision, remove any interfering bones that block access to the root of the wisdom tooth. This is followed by eventual removal of the tooth in sections, cleaning of the site and stitches.

The entire wisdom tooth extraction process can take our dentists as little as several minutes. With complications, it can be more than 20 minutes. Recovery time is longer, but within a few days, you will be able to return to normal.

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