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General Dentistry Has Come a Long Way

It is a Friday evening before your big event that is happening Saturday. You and a friend are enjoying a nice meal together, and as you take a bite into the main course you instantly feel a discomfort. Your tooth just cracked and you recover the missing piece, and begin to panic. What are you going to do? Currently there is one unbeatable solution for you, the CEREC same day crown. This procedure allows dentists to prep a tooth and deliver the crown in the same appointment. What’s also appealing is these crowns are entirely made out of resin, so you never have to worry about metal showing. General dentistry has come a long way over the years since technology is improving every day. If you are in need of a crown and don’t want the hassle of making several appointments before getting the final result, then you need to find a professional dentist that offers you the option of same-day dental crowns installation service.

The Process of Same Day Crowns

Professional dentists will begin the process by preparing the tooth in the same way they would do a traditional crown. Digital image of the tooth is created by using a camera instead of an impression mold. Then the digital image is brought to a screen next to the dentist and they will guide the machine through the design of the crown. As soon as the crown has been created, the dentist will cement it into place and you will be ready to go about your business with a beautiful smile.

How You Can Benefit with Same Day Crowns:

  • Designed to Fit Properly and Reduce Discomfort
  • Natural Feeling, Look and Smoothly Polished to Match Your Smile
  • Less Prone to Cracking
  • Noninvasive Procedure
  • No More Impressions Have to Done
  • No Need for Temporary Crowns
  • Save Time Since the Crown Is Done in One Visit
  • New Beautiful Smile in One Day

Other Advantages of Having Same Day Dental Crown Service:

Fewer trips to a dentist will mean less local anesthetic procedures. The same day dental crown installation service is cost effective for you since you will receive the crown during the first visit. These crowns are metal free which is good for people with certain types of metal allergies. Your dentist has dental control which means they have control over the shape of your tooth instead of a lab technician. With CEREC technology and high quality 3D images, there is less need to drill as much of your natural tooth than with a traditional crown. CEREC crowns have smaller gaps in between the teeth than found with traditional crowns. With smaller spaces between teeth, the crown is closer to the gum tissue, creating a less of a chance of failure. If you would like to know more about same day dental crowns installation service, contact Twin Cities Dental today.

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