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Crowns and Bridges

A dental crown refers to a cap that is placed on a damaged tooth. It helps to conceal dental deformities like discoloration and cracks. A bridge is a dental treatment that helps bridge the gap between the teeth caused by tooth loss. Both the dental treatments offer restoration to the patient. At Andover, MN, Twin Cities Dental has expert dentists who perform crowns and bridges for patients.

Advantages of Crowns 

  • Crowns enhance the aesthetic appearance of the patient.
  • It provides support to the damaged tooth. 
  • The treatment helps to resolve bite conditions that patients experience due to dental deformities. 
  • Crowns enhance the overall dental health of the patient. 

Advantages of Bridges 

  • Dental bridges close the gaps between the teeth.
  • It resolves speech impairments that some patients experience due to tooth loss. 
  • The treatment helps to prevent teeth from shifting their place. 
  • It helps to resolve bite conditions like overbite and underbite.

The Procedure of Placing Dental Crowns

After a complete evaluation of dental health, the dentist begins the procedure by scraping the tooth. It is essential for the proper fitting of the crown. The dentist takes the measurements of the teeth with the help of a digital imaging system. It is sent to the laboratory for fabrication. In the next appointment, the crown is affo=ixed to the teeth with dental cement.

The Procedure of Placing Bridgework 

The dentists perform an initial evaluation of the patient and begin the procedure by taking the measurements of the teeth with the help of a digital imaging system sent to the laboratory for fabrication. The adjacent teeth are etched to support the bridge. The fabricated restoration is affixed to the gums and with dental cement.

How Long Will a Crown or Bridge Last?

Crowns and Bridges last from five to fifteen years. The essential key for long-lasting results is good dental care. The patient should regularly brush and floss the teeth and avoid unhealthy oral habits to maintain crowns and bridges. 

After Care for Crowns and Bridges

  • The patient should maintain good dental hygiene for long-lasting crowns and bridges. 
  • Hard and sticky food should be reduced as it can damage dental restorations.
  • A regular dental visit is mandatory for dental cleaning and oral check-ups.

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