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Extractions refer to the removal of a tooth that is impacted or irreparable. It is a surgical procedure that is performed to provide relief from severe dental conditions. The dentists of Twin Cities Dental recommend extractions to avoid further dental complications. 

Who is a candidate for tooth extraction?

Dentists recommend tooth extraction to patients who have an impacted wisdom tooth. It causes extreme pain and infection in the mouth, which can be resolved through an extraction. Patients who have cavities may have to undergo an extraction as other means of treatment may not help save the tooth or reduce the pain. Accidents can cause external trauma to the teeth, which may require an extraction to remove the affected teeth from the socket. Patients who are to undergo orthodontic treatment require extraction to attain better results. 

How is Extraction performed?

An initial dental checkup is performed on the patient to determine if they are a candidate for the treatment. There are two major types of extractions which are simple extraction and surgical extraction. According to the patient's requirement, the method of extraction is chosen and executed. 

During a simple extraction, the dentist numbs the extraction site with anesthesia to avoid discomfort during the treatment. The dentist uses tools like dental forceps to gently shake and pull the teeth out of the socket. The area in treatment is cleaned and sealed to allow proper healing. 

A surgical extraction is performed on patients who have an impacted tooth. After numbing the extraction site, a small incision is made in the gums and the tooth is pulled out. The gums are stitched back and left to heal. 

Recovery after Extraction

The patient may experience slight discomfort after the extraction procedure. The dentist advises the patient to place an ice pack to reduce the swelling in the area. Over medications prescribed by the dentist can be consumed to ease the pain. It is important not to indulge in activities that may put pressure on the extraction site for 24 hours. 

The dentist instructs the patient to refrain from smoking as it can have a remorse effect on the healing process. The patient should visit the dentist if they experience extreme pain. 

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